Insurance Q&A

  • Why aren’t my dividends paying my premium?
  • Who is my beneficiary?
  • Who is my servicing agent?
  • What is the cash value of my policy?

1. Why aren’t my dividends paying my premium?

Dividends are payable on all forms of paid up insurance except policies being kept in force as extended term insurance. There are five dividend options to choose from: Cash, Applied to Payment of Premiums, Accumulate with Interest, Purchase Paid Up Additional Insurance, and Reduce Existing Loans. When the Applied to Payment of Premiums option is chosen, dividend payment will be used to reduce the premium then due, if the dividend is less than the mode premium. Otherwise, the Order will pay as many premium payments as possible and use the remaining amount to purchase Paid-Up Additional insurance. To discuss the dividend option and other details regarding your policy, contact your Knights of Columbus agent today.

2. Who is my beneficiary?

The beneficiary of a policy is determined at the time of purchase by the policyowner. However, it can be changed by the policyowner at any time during the life of the policy. Typically, the spouse is chosen as beneficiary but other beneficiaries include the children, brother, sister, mother or father of the insured. Institutions and charitable organizations can also be named beneficiaries. All beneficiaries are identified in your policy. Contact your Knights of Columbus agent if you have any questions regarding your beneficiary designations.

3. Who is my servicing agent?

Always refer to your policy. A copy of the application along with the field agent’s business card should be included. In addition, the name and phone number of the servicing general agent for your council appears on your bill. For council #9368 your agent is:

Chad Cox
Field Agent
Knights of Columbus

4. What is the cash value of my policy?

While Knights of Columbus cannot give such information over the phone, the policyowner is encouraged to call the Customer Service department toll-free at 1-800-380-9995. With information supplied by the insured, such as name, address, and policy number, Customer Service will be able to answer such requests via a letter.

U.S. residents who would like additional information concerning life insurance, long-term care insurance or annuities, may wish to view the Web site of the American Council of Life Insurers. Canadian citizens may wish to view the Consumer Assistance Centre of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

Occasionally, someone speaks out publicly on behalf of the merits of permanent life insurance. CNBC interviewed investment professionals, Joe Heider of Dawson Wealth Management and Adam Sherman of Firstrust Financial Resources, that are advising their clients on the advantages of owning permanent life insurance as part of their client’s overall financial planning strategy. Watch this short video from CNBC as the advantages of owning permanent life insurance are discussed.

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